A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (spring)

I was pleased to read in the media this week that the Tasmanian parliament is set to pass some of the best laws for transgender and gender-diverse people in the world.

When the laws come into effect, they will allow a trans or gender diverse person to self-determine their gender identity and have it recognised officially on their birth certificate.

Well done to all who have worked hard in progressing these laws which afford basic rights for people to live how they wish and on their own terms. I understand that Tasmania has gone from one of the worst to one of the best places when it comes to transgender human rights due to strong, sustained campaigning including a bold, risk-taking community movement.

Reformed laws will improve lives, but there is still a long way to go – as is the case in other nations across the planet, where some have made backward steps in equality (Brunei for one). Still, the story in Tasmania serves as a positive influence for other countries which still lag behind.

When it comes to style and fashion, gender neutrality and trans visibility might not be anything new, but with these current debates on rights for our trans brothers and sisters, we’re happy that this approach in the media, fashion and visual arts is making a huge difference.

That’s why Q&C have teamed up with London based fashion designer Gianco Handmade for our new gender diverse cover shoot. Gianco offers modern and profoundly feminine clothing features and details that draw from the male wardrobe, celebrating the deconstruction of gender boundaries and once more fuels the ongoing gender conversation.

I hope you enjoy Gianco’s latest collection modelled exclusively for Q&C by some rather dishy specimens down on Potridge farm in beautiful Hampshire.

Keeping on trend, Q&C will bring you all the hot gossip from the new series of Drag Lab, set to air on Channel 4 later in the Spring. Family Gorgeous, led by northern drag queen Cheddar Gorgeous, will travel the country visiting towns and villages off the beaten track on their drag bus. It’s all very Priscilla! The locals won’t know what has hit them! Image (bottom right) by Channel 4.

We haven’t forgotten about our farmer friends either, so diving back into the rolling hills we revisit Landline, an extraordinary short film about a UK helpline for gay farmers. Through a series of recorded telephone conversations and reconstructive visuals this sobering documentary uses the helpline as a lens through which to view the experiences of LGBTQ people in the farming community.

We’ve also partnered up with Outdoor Lads as their official sponsor for its Big Spring Camp 2019. Taking place this May Bank Holiday (24th) in Llanrwst, Wales, dig out your tents (and tent pegs) and book your spot while there are spaces left. It’s a great opportunity to do some amazing outdoor activities and meet some new friends along the way. Look out for our coverage nearer the time.

Finally, I was delighted to read recently that the average age of someone moving to the countryside has fallen from 47 to 37. This mass exodus out of cities is being put down to an overpriced housing market but I’m certain it’s also about people growing weary of the demands, noise and chaos of the city. The piece concluded with this:  ‘It is to do with air, space and sky, and of course with landscape, and above all with the human desire to live well, which is so thwarted in cities.’

And with that in mind, enjoy the spring, and to any newcomers to the countryside– enjoy the peace. You’re going to love it!