Blended Boys


Victorian fem vibes clash with the masculine farmer archetype in Q&C’s style celebration of the gender neutrality movement. We got our hands on fashion designer Gianco Handmade’s new collection Nuda for our exclusive shoot down on the farm.

Photography: James Wilkinson // Models: Rob Evans & Antonio Harley // Fashion: Gianco Handmade //Styled by: Gianco Handmade // Location: Potridge farm in Hampshire


‘Nuda’ the sensational fashion show by Gianco Handmade - attended by Q&C recently - boldly yet sensitively makes a transverse connection between the male and female look, uniting them to make this one of the stylistic codes of this must-see collection.



The spirit of rebellion which embodies an androgynous figure favours soft cotton which appear in the collection with strong geometric lines highlighting the countercultural diversity of the outsider.


Uncompromising rules about what a man and woman should wear imposes negative and visceral emotional reactions for those who identify as under-gender. Identifying as under-gender is when an individual has no connection to the mainstream and so finds their own way to reconnect with who they truly are through fashion. Here we celebrate it.


Gianco continues his reworking of this aesthetic disorder of our era for our exclusive shoot in Hampshire. He includes a Victorian femine motive along with the farmer ideal on a backdrop of arable land, styling our two striking gender-rebel models with baggy trousers and ‘Nuda’ printed T-shirt, reflecting his passion for expressing a new dialogue about gender-opposites.

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