The anatomy of style


Gentlemen gather round, the party season is here! What to do and more importantly what to wear. New luxury clothing brand Benedict Raven is pioneering in style for the modern man and has on offer timeless looks for the festive period and beyond.

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Benedict Raven is timeless and contemporary in its design, holding character and elegance in each garment created and reflects the brands principles that a true man’s strength is beheld within his character. Benedict Raven has a passion for style paired with luxury and usability, sourcing the finest fabrics from across the world - these pieces will last you a life time and are a staple in every modern mans wardrobe.

James Kingston Founder of Benedict Raven said in his launch statement:

“I know it’s important to look good and feel good. I do believe in dressing for success”

Benedict Raven has a goal to be a part of every man’s personal journey and story through lifestyle that they aspire to lead. Aspiring to be leading in the online luxury clothing market and for the modern gentlemen in the next decade.  

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