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Q&C has a new beauty expert on board who is going to show us how we can revitalise our appearance regardless of age. Starting with the subject of sleep, Chris Parkes is here with some top tips to help, along with some award-winning, anti-ageing skin care products to ensure we look our very best. 

Male Mindfulness

Having trouble sleeping? We have all suffered with insomnia from time to time and there are many contributing factors. Stress, poor diet and living in a fast-paced world where we expect a lot from our bodies and more so our minds, without paying them the respect they need to function properly. When we need sleep, we find we can’t sleep, and a self-perpetuating cycle begins. So how do we break that cycle?

It can be really difficult to identify stress which might be causing the problem, as often we feel fine within ourselves. However, stress does not necessarily mean that you are consciously worrying about specific things. Often we will recognise that our mind is on a treadmill and doesn’t want to, or know how to, get off.

Lack of sleep can affect your appetite, cause dark circles or bags under the eyes, puffy or spotty skin and age the appearance of your face causing you to look and feel grey and older than you actually are.

Sleep Routine

Pay as much attention to your sleep routine as you do your gym routine and I can guarantee you will feel all the better for it. While you are working on getting into a healthy sleep routine I’m working on bringing you the very best in award-winning, anti-ageing skin care products to make sure your skin looks its very best.

Sleep Deprivation Remedies

The key to resolving sleep deprivation is relaxation. At night getting your mind off the treadmill and into the metaphorical Yoga class can be a difficult task to master. The obvious ways to help are, of course, switching off your phone, tablets and other devices long before it's time to sleep. Prepare the body and mind for rest, perhaps with a bath, or some meditative exercises, or light reading.

Temple Spa has created products tailor-made to care for your well-being, calming both your skin and soul. Repose aromatherapy resting cream (pictured) from their Vespers range has been described as “a goodnights sleep in a jar” and is essential for any bedside table. It's a luxurious night cream specifically designed with the intent to relax both your body and mind, infused with relaxing Mediterranean botanical and essential oils.

Reading the label of any Temple Spa product is like walking through an artisan farmers market in Provence. Repose aromatherapy resting cream boasts a plethora of natural plant extracts and active ingredients; a superb blend of hops valerian (a natural sleep aid), chamomile, frankincense, lavender, patchouli, geranium, bitter orange, clary sage and Black Pepper essential oils which are all renowned to aid deep relaxation, bringing you a sense of calm while preventing premature ageing by promoting firmer skin.

Black pepper oil even has exfoliating properties which helps leave skin feeling soft and radiant. And wait, there’s more, as black pepper oil is also rich in antioxidants protecting skin against the environment while recharging your skin cell repair systems.    

Repose cream will help you to rest peacefully whilst your skin absorbs all of its riches. You're sure to wake up feeling rested, revived and restored like you’ve woken up on a beautiful beach in some far-away exotic retreat. Your complexion will be ultra-smooth and hydrated, two key factors for a more youthful looking skin, and isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve? This is aromatherapy at its best, a quick easy addition to your night time routine or the skincare sleeping partner that won’t steal your covers.

Repose aromatherapy resting rream is from Temple Spa for £40:00. For more essential skin-care products, please visit:

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