Fit for a Prince


Q&C’s resident stylist and ambassador for all things sybaritic RK Williams has his union jack bunting out ready for this weekend’s wedding of the year and offers some ideas on how we can all celebrate.


This weekend the world’s eyes will be on Miss Sparkle - I mean Markle, the new American acting royalty that’s just about to marry into a British institution that certainly trumps anything Hollywood can offer.

While it marks the end of the faint possibility that Harry could be one of ours, this union appears to be the real thing. Furthermore, the couple seem to be genuinely liked. Let’s face it, they're one of the more attractive royal couples we've been privy to, and without the burden of having to head up the Monarchy someday they can instead do their charitable work and enjoy the royalty ride with ease.

Kate and Wills have now become the predictable traditional royal couple that we expected, readying themselves for one day becoming King and Queen, whereas Harry and Meghan can embrace their position as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, titles the Queen is rumoured to likely bestow upon them, and enjoy the rest of their time flying around the world being sexy and regal.

It’s going to be a busy weekend for the royals. There'll be lots of new hats, exquisite outfits and plenty of notable public figures for us to feast our eyes on as the nation enjoys the wedding of the year in the Berkshire town of Windsor.

There’s many things going on around the country to mark the occasion as well. Madame Tussauds has just unveiled the new royal additions to their house of wax, and is offering free entry to the attraction on the day of the royal wedding to anyone who is called Meghan or Harry.

Legoland’s Windsor resort has also created a Lego brick Windsor Castle with little Lego figures of Meghan in her wedding dress and Prince Harry in his military regalia on their special day.

We’ll be enjoying the royal spectacular from the comfort of our Chesterfield sofa, watching the telly and waving our union jack flags.

Meanwhile, here in the Williams’ household, we’ll be enjoying the royal spectacular from the comfort of our Chesterfield sofa, watching the telly and waving our union jack flags. We might even have the neighbours over and raise a toast with a glass or five of champagne.

With so much bad news in abundance these days, there couldn’t be a better time to collectively get in the patriotic spirit and partake in this unique national celebration. So why not get the bunting out, bake some Victoria sponge cakes and make some cucumber sandwiches, sans crusts - naturally.

It’s not everyday there’s a royal wedding extravaganza, especially one so anticipated given he’s our favourite red-head and she’s a stunning American actress with black heritage and sufficient amounts of charisma and charm to give a much needed reboot to the face of the musty royal family.  

May is the perfect month for weddings too. There’s nothing as fresh as a May morning when the flowers are vibrant, the sap is rising and we’re heading into the long gleaming days of those adored summer months. It was once a time of the sacred Greenwood Marriages where couples would go off romping into the forest to celebrate the new season and many a baby would be born as a result. It’s no secret that Meghan has expressed her desire to have children so, fingers crossed, with all the sap rising on the night of the wedding it could all be rather promising.

May is also a time for picnics on the grass, croquet on the lawn, a straw boater with a crisp lined suit. Yes, a bit daring I know, but indulge me for awhile. The forecast for this weekend looks to be dry and sunny across the land, so why not go all out and have your own summer garden party, BBQ or street party even.

Be sure to make it fit for a prince. Lay your table in true British style with the old family silver, white linen and napkins and the best china and get yourself in the mood for the nuptials everyone is talking about.

There’s also no better time to revisit the Queen & Country guide to the quintessential afternoon tea that we published during our launch last year for some much needed inspiration.  Cheers!

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