Eau de Sexy


Q&C has teamed up with three of the top perfume brands to bring you the best male fragrances this Christmas, ideal for that last minute stocking filler and to ensure you and your man’s 2018 smells of success.


Christmas is almost upon us, so there's no better time to chuck away that Lynx Africa that your auntie gave you for your last birthday! After all, we’re no longer in the school changing rooms.

There are all kinds of men’s fragrances on the market these days and Q&C has teamed up with Floris, Shay and Blue and The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi to bring you a range of the best colognes to have you smelling of class, sexiness and damn-right gorgeousness well in to the new year.

So spoilt are we for men’s fragrances that even the bottles are the perfect shelf-fillers as the little beauties below demonstrate.

Read on for our top six fragrances that will look great on your shelf and make you and your guy smell like a million dollars.

floris london


Leather Oud & 

Honey Oud


Leather Oud  - Glowing modern amber notes complete the harmony adding depth to the woody base accord. Created with Oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood, this oil is among the most expensive in the perfumer’s palette - with deep qualities found in no other oil.

100ml £160.00

Honey Oud - This exclusive fragrance is also created with oud oil from a certified sustainable source of agarwood. This oil is among the most expensive in the perfumer’s palette - with deep qualities found in no other oil. It is an opulent, deep sensual note that combines beautifully with rose and sandalwood.

100ml £160.00



shay and blue 


Salted Caramel & Oud Alif


Salt Caramel - Inspired by Charbonnel et Walker’s Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, this is a scent that expertly mingles sweetness with a sharper, darker pleasure – a fragrance that perfectly underscores the intoxicating feeling of falling in love. Burnt sweetness. Intense yearning. Glossy caramel beckons you in. Then give in to temptation as sea salt, tonka bean and sandalwood take you to a deeper, darker edge. Rich. Addictive. Indulgent.

30ml £30.00

Oud Alif - An Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men, Oud Alif is composed of creamy, soft, rounded woods, inspired by the great gourmand oud fragrances of the Middle East. The best oud agarwood from the rare aquilaria tree is spiked with the richness of chocolat noir and notes of elegant leather, saffron and dark patchouli. Handcrafted in England, this luxe fragrance is made with real flowers, fruit and spices.

100ml £85.00


the perfumer's story by azzi 


Kingsman TGC & Old Books 

The Kingsman TGC - Based on the virtual DNA print of the Kingsman – this scent is elegant, provocative and intellectual. It opens with notes of English Earl Grey Tea and Neroli blended with the finest notes of Laurel Leaf and Elemi Oil, blended with hints of Clary Sage enveloped with delicious Rum, Tobacco flower and an overdose of Vetivert - the masculine scent of which evokes the rugged Southwest. With Black Oudh added, it has an addictive depth of strength, loyalty and charm that all desire.

30ml £95.00

Old Books - Old Books Eau De Parfum whispers to you when you wear it, and also to those around you by the incredible ingredients of frankincense, olibanum, myrrh, and elemi, contrasted with woody notes of patchouli, amber, vetivert and cedar. 

30ml £95.00