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Q&C editor-in-chief tells us what to expect from Queen and Country magazine over the autumn, including our Halloween party food special, and a fashion spread with handsome and talented Hertfordshire-based underkeeper Jamie Field.

I must start by saying I am truly grateful for the fantastic response Queen and Country has had since launching two months ago. We’ve had some great feedback and there’s been a real buzz thanks to you the readers! I want to acknowledge and especially thank friends and family who have supported this venture and continue to do so. I couldn’t have done it without you.

The launch brought plenty of highs. I was a special guest on Bristol’s LGBT Shout Radio station where I was interviewed about the magazine. I met their wonderful team and was welcomed with such warmth. Their positive energy was just the tonic and momentarily made me compare it with the hedonistic gay world I previously spent probably too much time in.

On this point I feel we are all capable as a community to be nicer to each other, to work at forming genuine friendships which are supportive and enduring. It’s important, particularly given the current state of affairs around the world, that we try that little bit harder in being more accepting, loving and non-judgemental.

I don’t want to sound like I am preaching, but this is the ethos of Queen and Country; a more inclusive, fresh take on gay life, where we can harness that spirit of collectivity. We can all play our part in looking out for one another and improving things for the better.  

There is no better demonstration of this for me than recently celebrating a friend's book launch in a pub in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. It was a tremendous evening filled with friends, joy and laughter - and as a fellow creative myself, it was very rewarding to be among such inspiring people at such a special event. I feel these moments have become somewhat rare in our LGBT society and we should always celebrate our friends’, as well as our own achievements, no matter how big or small, and come together more as a community to do so.

Now I have got all that off my chest… Let's talk men!  Our cover star for autumn is the handsome and multi-talented Jamie Field who invited us onto his farm in Cuffley in Hertfordshire and let us take some photos of him for our new fashion feature.

We had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon with Jamie, seeing him at work and hearing how he honed his gamekeeping craft. As you can probably see, he is very pleasing on the eye too and such a friendly chap. We even walked away with some game.

And with the nights drawing in, look out for our feature on Halloween and Bonfire night party food and other hearty seasonal recipes, along with a brief history of two of the autumn’s favourite evenings. We also have our new Agony columnist on board, the unique and incomparable Anna Phylactic, who each month will answer some of our readers problems in her own indomitable style. You have been warned!

As always if you have a question for us, any feedback on our content or would like to contribute or model for us, please drop us a message at:



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