Introducing Queen and Country


Q&C editor-in-chief James Wilkinson gives us the story behind the idea that sparked the launch of the world's newest online gay magazine, Queen and Country, and what readers can expect to see.


Welcome to Queen & Country, the home of quintessential British country life for, yes... gay men! In October 2016, I was sat in a friend’s country kitchen, flicking through a well-known gay magazine and as I looked at the seductive torsos, hip city destinations and must-have fashion items, it dawned on me - I didn’t really feel connected to this aspirational metropolitan life it was celebrating. I stared out at the farmers’ fields and hedgerows which overlooked my friend’s cottage and felt a little lost. I could hear horses neighing and birds chirping away, but it was a world away from spending Saturday afternoons with the lads having a few pints in Old Compton Street in Soho.

Still, it was a blissful and relaxing moment. A revelation, if you like - as it sparked the desire to create something new. An idea for a new gay magazine emerged. It would be an LGBT-focused publication primarily for interesting country gents, living in rural settings up and down the British Isles. We’d reflect who our readers are, their stories, aspirations and dreams. We'd be sharing new insights, concepts and ideas regarding country life for gay men, even down to finding the perfect pub for Sunday lunch.

Later that evening I was chatting to my friend Robert - whose first novel, The Ozone Hotel, comes out this month - when the title of this magazine was born: Queen & Country. So here we are, nearly a year down the road, and I’m writing my first Editor’s Letter. This month we sit down for an exclusive chat with handsome actor Alec Secareanu about his new film God's Own Country. We bring you a whistle-stop tour around the beautiful Isle of Thanet, and give you the lowdown on that very British of traditions, the Afternoon Tea. Come in and perambulate in bucolic surroundings. We hope you enjoy!


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