All wrapped up


With the coldest months of winter yet to come, why not let Q&C's resident stylist R K Williams provide some inspiration on the best jumpers to keep you warm, and those all important styling tips on choosing the right knitwear for you.

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You know when you’ve found the perfect winter jumper because it wraps you up, keeps you warm and feels like you’ve had it forever. I’d been looking for the right type of jumpers for years, to varying degrees of success. It's not that I don’t own a stack of perfectly reasonable jumpers, but what I was searching for is that special one that fits well, feels good on and looks great for any occasion.

Well I finally found it, courtesy of The Croft House, a knitwear company based in Scotland making luxurious jumpers at very affordable prices. They offer a perfect selection of jumpers, ideal for any social events over the festive period, and those long winter walks. It's difficult buying clothes through the internet, as you never know what they'll be like until they're delivered. I find this especially true with knitwear, sometimes it's too thin, other times it just doesn’t fit, and most of the time it’s sent back.

When I ordered a jumper from The Croft House I immediately fell in love with it as it ticked all the boxes; it was comfortable, warm, stylish and not to the mention being imbued with that comforting smell of knitted wool, all fresh from the Scottish Highlands. The jumper I ordered is a blend of silk and wool, making it feel utterly delicious on. I also liked the shape. Some jumpers tend to be too long or too baggy, whereas the ones at The Croft House are the perfect fit making them feel sexy on, especially when paired with just jeans and boots.

Scotland has always held a sense of romance for me, it’s a place I return to time and time again. The wilderness is what I love, the castles, the lochs and the islands which all magically capture the mystery of the ancient past. It’s a land of heritage; great beauty and rugged appeal, and the jumpers at The Croft House embody all of it. If you buy any jumper this year for winter, the ones from The Croft House come highly recommended.

Fair Isle Knitwear inspired by the landscape of Scotland

(Pictured - top to bottom); Men's Natural Block Crew Neck Jumper - Pebble £86.00, Men's Natural ribbed Polo Neck Jumper - Light Grey Marl £96.00, Men's Chunky Roll Neck Jumper - Limestone £79.00.