What’s in your gym bag?


Temple spa’s Chris Parkes gives us his top gym bag must-have grooming products to keep us clean, hydrated and fragrant to make us the envy of the locker room.

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Whatever your goals for visiting the gym, carrying the essentials in your gym bag helps you avoid the inevitable stress and scramble that occurs when you realise you've forgotten something.

Some gyms offer a wide range of perks for their members, while others take a bare-bones approach; whatever the case, pack your gym bag thoroughly to be prepared

Not everyone showers at the gym, but if you do, carrying a number of personal grooming items helps you feel nearly as comfortable as at home. Here are my top four must-have grooming products to keep you clean, hydrated and freshly fragranced that will have you the envy of the locker room.

I love La La Lagoon shower gel. It leaves you perfectly clean but the magic is in the fragrance formulation, an aroma of a luxury spa with extracts of peppermint, anise, rosewood and patchouli, plus skin conditioning aloe vera to cleanse, soften and chase away any tiredness. La La Lagoon is paraben and sulphate free therefore kind enough to use on your hair, whilst leaving you recharged, replenished and ready to take on the day.  £12.00

During workouts your skin can become dehydrated and tight. The key to keeping skin hydrated is a combination of ensuring adequate fluids and minimising water loss. In the colder months, when central heating plays havoc with skin, leaving it red and chapped, it is important to apply richer moisturisers that will protect the skin barrier, as well as making sure cleansers are gentle so to not unbalance the skin leading to further water loss.

After showering you’ll want to hydrate and soften your skin, and Peace Be Still body balm is on hand to  soothe and smooth with a sexy scent.

Peace Be Still is aromatherapy and skincare in one - with extracts of coriander, lemon and nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils and vitamin B5. An altogether deliciously textured formula that sinks into the skin immediately, leaving it ultra-smooth and beautifully settled.

For skin that’s been over exposed to the elements at home or abroad Peace Be Still works instantly to hydrate and soothe making it perfect to use on sunburn. This multifunctional product is the perfect partner after shaving with the ability to cool and calm angry razor burn.  £19.00

After a heavy workout, if you have muscle stress, aching legs, heavy limbs, it’s time to say “Aaahhh!”.

Temple Spa’s award winning Aaahhh has a lightweight formula to chill, calm and refresh your aching limbs. Rich in natural extracts and Mediterranean essential oils of peppermint, clove, lavender, black pepper and clary that cools and soften the skin, it will soothe away aches plus reduce fluid retention and puffiness. My top tip is to keep one with you in the car, or at your desk as its great on neck tension and even helps ebb away headaches and migraine. If you’re on your feet all day then add this to the back of your legs last thing at night and not only will it help aid relaxation and get you to sleep but you will wake up with lighter, less tired legs.  £20.00

Workouts can play havoc with our feet but now you can keep your plates of meat in good nick with Sole Balm.  It’s a great way to avoid athlete’s foot too from walking around the changing rooms and shower. A powerful blend of 22 essential oils will help alleviate tension and tiredness, and a plethora of botanicals including cocoa butter, honey, wheat germ plus oils of olive, soy and avocado deeply moisturise. Here comes the science, a clever salicylic acid, papaya and pro-vitamin B5 gently nibble away dead skin cells, so those rough bits will get softer while the peppermint oil and menthol gently soothes and cools. Think of it as a powerful Pac-Man gobbling up any dead skin leaving your feet youthful and fresh. £19.00

Revamp your gym bag and feel fresh all year round.

If you have any question about skincare or grooming advice then please get in touch with your questions.

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