Nomad Barber


When it comes to male grooming, our guy-in-the-know Chris Parkes is at hand to offer the best advice for the discerning gent on how to look and feel great. Always one step ahead with the best brands and products, he’s currently raving about Nomad Barber.

It seems that a new brand pops up daily, but you’d find it hard to experience one as cool and unique as the Nomad Barber.

Founded by Miguel Gutierrez in 2014, Nomad Barber shop is the diamond in the rough of the capital located in the heart of London's famous East End. It has quickly become famous in the global barbering community with a team of highly skilled barbers and has also  produced its own range of grooming products. Ironically British and true to its heritage, the range is made in the UK and has a strong global influence in its ingredients listing.

Keeping it traditional with a focus on old school customer service, all shaves and haircuts in store run at 45-minute slots which is rarely seen outside of Mayfair. Offering complimentary hair wash, while incorporating various massage techniques into the shaves there’s no doubt why Nomad is a shining example of the ideal barber experience and perfect for the discerning gent amongst us. A new addition to Nomad is a store in Berlin too.

As for the products, if you’re looking to shake up your routine with something new,  then these products not only look great, smell fantastic but do exactly what they say on their well-crafted tin.

Nomad has devised five super styling products from salt sprays to texturizing pastes and here’s my lowdown on what they offer.     

Atacama salt tonic - 250 ml  £16.95

I love a salt spray to create texture, root lift and a boost for short to mid length styles. Nomad’s Atacama salt tonic is a nourishing, strong-hold styling spray containing maca root & spearmint. Exercising the elements of the sea, it helps prepare your hair alone or in combination with your styling product of choice.  It uses camphor, spearmint, coriander, magnolia maca root, lavender and sea salt, leaving you ready to work in your finishing styling product. 

Terai Clay - 85g £16.95

Grooming Clay is a moisturising, strong hold product that offers a medium to low shine. I love it for unstructured styles and more sophisticated, groomed finishes perfect for long days on the road. 

Firm and nourishing hold from bentonite clay which acts as a magnet to help draw metals and toxins out of the hair. Ritual oils of ylang, ylang, labdanum, patchouli and cedarwood. 

Arica Paste - 85g £16.95

Paste is a fundamental in any well-groomed gent’s bathroom as it is as versatile as you. 

A medium hold matte paste is the only companion you need to create an array of different styles, making it the perfect product to travel with. Providing your hair with a natural finish, it’s as essential as your passport.

Beeswax providing frizz control whilst softening and moisturising the hair because of the Vitamin A content which helps lock in moisture. The fragrance is gorgeously fresh with euphoric oils of lemongrass, frankincense and peppermint.

Apfel Pomade - 85g £16.95

Looking for a product as fuss free as you? This pomade is so easy to use, offering a superior hold alongside a medium to high shine. 

I created a slick and groomed finish without looking greasy.

Easy styling with hibiscus extract, packed with Vitamin C which is essential for collagen reproduction and therefore helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Kapa cream - 85g £16.95

Styling Cream is the pliable chameleon of hair care and is the perfect companion for a long-haul journey.  Offering support for all from sleek groomed finishes to short and textured styles.  The faultless all-rounder.  Virgin coconut helps stimulates hair growth getting deep into its follicles and prickly pear packed with Amino Acids has good hold properties whilst softening, hydrating and moisturising the hair.

Visit for more information, or if you’re in East London drop in for a full treatment while collecting your products.